UTILIZATION: paper used in the market of foodstuffs packaging to satisfy conservation requirements, guarantee of wrapping, hygienical protection of food and safety of its organoleptic features. The PE coated side guarantees grease and humidity barrier effect. 

: due to raw materials used (pure plup fibres), this paper has got a proper mechanical resistance and an excellent surface finiture. It has an agreeable aspect, a considerable dimensional stability and an appropriate level of rigidity that guarantees an optimal feasibility of the packaging wrap.  

COMPOSITION: paper produced using fibres of pure pulp coming from forests where is applied a sustainable management. In the manufacturing paper processes’ we don’t use chlorine or recycled materials. The polyethylene used is virgin and print is made with water-based color. All raw materials are supplied by leader companies and they are certified for foodstuffs contact.

The product is certified and it is in compliance with the following laws:
- D.M. 21/03/1973. (Materials in contact of foodstuffs); 
- Procedure EC n.1935 of 27/10/2004 (Traceability, product’s features and production’s processes); 
- DPR n.777 of 23/08/1992. (Security of materials in contact with foodstuff); 
- D. Lgs. n.22/1997. (Absence of heavy metals).