Founded in 1961 by Augusto Bolzonella, since more than fifty years Cartiera Rivignano produces paper for foodstuffs wrap and top quality packaging.
Competence, know-how, research and development, constant attention to product’s quality, flexibility, attention to the consumer and the highest respect for the environment, are the fundamental elements of the fifty-year-long tradition of the company.

The complete product’s range and their quality supported Cartiera Rivignano in consolidating in the years its leader’s position in the field of paper for foodstuffs.
Cartiera Rivignano’s products:
Since ever, they are distinctive brands and a synonym of higher quality in the market of foodstuffs packaging.

The company produces its products in two modern plants located in Rivignano Teor (UD).
The company is equipped with efficient and uptodate technology: 
• Paper machine for paper production;
• Coating and Printing Departement;
• Paper finishing Departement (Calendering and paraffin wax coating departement);
• Cutting and packaging Departement;
• Logistics Departement (13.000 square meters of warehouse).