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USE THE CORRECT TYPE OF PAPER TO BAKE IN FOIL Foil pocket cooking:benefits, suggetions and practical rules. Foil pocket cooking is the ideal way to cook foods not so voluminous, sliced food or fish fillets. Whereas,... CONTINUE THE PROPER CONSERVATION OF FOOD IN THE FRIDGE Some people have a fridge, some people have two, someone have also a deep freezer, and some, as the majority, have a fridge but do not know what is the best way to fill it.... CONTINUE

PE coating Cardboard/paper in different g.s.m. range and consistency (from 20 g.s.m. to 300 g.s.m.) with LDPE, HDPE, PP and PEt coating. Coated materials in sandwich structure PE caoted papers/cardboard (from 20 gsm to 300 gsm) or other materials in sandwich structure. Cutting and packaging Paper/cardboard cut in different sizes, packaging in boxes or in reams or in packages. Flexo or rotogravure printing.